Platform LA

Platform LA

**Our Platform LA landscape architecture project featured in The Business of Fashion ‘The Rise of the Luxury Strip Mall**


Client:  The Runyon Group

Description: Platform LA landscape architect – Artifex10 was commissioned by The Runyon Group for Landscape Architecture services consisting of design and construction for the Platform LA, located in Culver City, California.  Adjacent to the Metro Expo Line connecting LA to Santa Monica, the 4 acre site was redeveloped from a 1960’s car lot to a commercial mixed-use development containing a unique collection of Independent retail brands not to be recreated or copied anywhere.  The landscape architecture program for the space consisted of creating urban courtyards, paseos’ and rooftop terraces commensurate to the uniqueness of the Platform LA identity.  In over 7 years of development, the concept evolved through many intriguing and thought provoking iterations testing ideas before landing on the final design destination.  These concept studies can be seen here Platform  v.1 and Platform v.2

Challenged with interior based retail, the final solution was a study of defining ‘movement’ on the ground plane and on low wall elements to subconsciously direct users through the site and to gain every single retailer significant, unique exposure.  Artistic paving patterns were used to define and provide identity for the different spaces within the development.  For example, the ‘Greenhouse’  utilized vegetation as emerging on all planes, through the ground, on the building walls and spilling over the roofs.  ‘Boxcar’ and the ‘Paseo’ utilized paving that ‘dispersed’ into adjacent corridors meant to attract attention and encourage users to explore within.

The spaces were designed to accommodate intimate comfortable seating and gathering areas, while providing programmatic flexibility for pop up retail, entertainment, local events and street fairs.  Large specimen Coastal Live Oak trees (Quercus agrifolia) and Fruitless Olive Trees (Olea Europaea ‘Swan Hill’) were meticulously field selected for their organic, gnarly branching habits as well as significant shade canopies for the court yard seating.


All of this is fully integrated amidst a 4-acre campus long on site specific landscaping and charming shaded seating vignettes that enhance the experience throughout. In certain ways, Platform is reminiscent of the Malibu Country Mart albeit a considerably more urban, indie, progressive version.”

– Huffington Post

Eric Lennox of Artifex10 was lead designer for Malibu Lumber Yard mentioned in about quote.  See Malibu Lumber Yard here.


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