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Montecito Residence

Location:   Montecito, California

Description:  Set on a narrow beach-front lot in the historic town of Montecito, CA, this private residence provided as many challenges as it did opportunities. Working in close collaboration with the design consulting team, the general contractor and the homeowners, we set forth developing project specific design solutions and details ranging from an entry gate keypad and mailbox to a beach-front deck and dining area complete with sink and cabinets, surf board storage and outdoor showers. Water features were developed not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but to also mask the adjacent freeway and railroad tracks. The water features include a koi pond with an antique kettle fountain, in-grade fountains with fog systems and a negative edge pool and spa with water gracefully cascading down a battered rock wall. Much of the existing landscape material was preserved, but several additions were made. Most notably, a fully grown specimen palm was selected and craned into position in the center of the main deck.

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