Lantana Media Campus

Lantana Transforming Gardens

Santa Monica, California

Client:  Industry Partners

Description:  Artifex10 was commissioned to study, design, and provide construction documentation for the renovation of the Lantana Office Building in Santa Monica, CA. With the introduction to a new Metro Transportation Authority light rail line and security fence directly adjacent to the building, the owners, tenants, building management, and design team were left with an 25’ wide service alley that spanned nearly 2000’ in length.  Together with RAC Design Build and Industry Partners, the Artifex10 team turned what could have been a cold, harsh alley into a fully serviceable garden and pedestrian amenity for building tenants and guests, complete with outdoor meeting rooms, café space, lounge seating, and dog runs. The design solution introduced a vegetated acoustic wall and a ‘transitional garden’ concept that incorporates movable garden pallets and planters that provide the capability to fully and continually transform the space for any number of uses and programs throughout the year.


Artifex10 | Landscape Architecture, Design + Planning